Microsoft oppdaterer den ferskeste utgaven av Windows 10.
Microsoft oppdaterer den ferskeste utgaven av Windows 10.


Nå kan du oppdatere Windows 10

Tidligere denne uken slapp Microsoft en oppdatering for en eldre utgave av Windows 10, nå kan også dem med den ferskeste utgaven, Fall Creators Update, oppdatere.

En bunke med feilrettinger
I Windows Update ligger det nå en samlet oppdatering klar til nedlastning og installasjon. Ettersom det er en samlet oppdatering, betyr det at det ikke er noen nye funksjoner på plass. Her går det utelukkende i feilrettinger og ytelsesforbedringer.

Oppdateringen heter KB4051963 og dytter Fall Creators Update til byggeversjon 16299.98. Merk at den krever omstart av PC-en.

Under følger oppdateringsloggen:


  • Addressed a script-related issue that caused Internet Explorer to stop working in some cases.
  • Addressed issue with the Input Method Editor’s (IME) text input window for Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue with rendering a graphics element in Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue with form submissions in Internet Explorer.
  • Addressed issue where the Location-hash is lost when navigating back if you previously navigated to an invalid URL.
  • Addressed issue where applications may stop responding for customers who have internet or web proxies enabled using PAC script configurations. This is a result of a reentrancy deadlock in WinHTTP.dll. This can result in the following:
    • Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to Microsoft Office365.
    • Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge cannot successfully render any content (including local computer content, local network content, or web content).
    • Cisco Jabber stops responding, which blocks messaging and telephony features.
    • Any application or service that relies on WinHTTP is impacted.
  • Addressed a performance regression when users run full-screen Microsoft DirectX 9 games and applications.
  • Addressed issue that prevents Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3 from running on some high-end gaming laptop configurations.
  • Addressed issue where user selections for Feedback Frequency in Settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics aren’t saved.
  • Addressed issue where RNDIS5 networking devices don’t get a valid IP address or don’t show network connectivity. If the issue continues after installing the update, you may need to uninstall and reinstall your Remote NDIS network adapter using Device Manager.
  • Addressed issue where if a user manually changes the system’s time zone and doesn’t log off or restart, the new time doesn’t display on the Lockscreen clock.
  • Addressed issue that impacted some Epson SIDM (Dot Matrix) and TM (POS) printers, which were failing to print on x86 and x64-based systems. This issue affects KB4048955.