Fortnite har fått split screen-funksjonalitet på Xbox One og PlayStation 4.


Fortnite har fått split screen-modus på Xbox One og PlayStation 4

Epic Games har lansert en ny oppdatering til Fortnite, og denne gangen kan Xbox One og PlayStation 4-eiere glede seg over følgende nyhet: det er nå mulig med lokal co-op i form av split screen.

Foreløpig er det altså disse konsollene som får funksjonen, og det fungerer kun med Duos og Squads. Epic lover imidlertid å «fortsette å forbedre funksjonen».

Foruten split screen, er dette også nytt:

  • Preview what’s in the Item Shop using your mobile device.

With Party Hub, you can now preview what’s new in the Item Shop before loading into the game.

To do this, open Party Hub, swipe right, and tap “Preview Items.”

  • Increased the daily Item Shop gifting limit from 3 to 5.
  • Changed Ammo Indicator.

Now a visual representation of remaining ammo number rather than a solid bar.


  • You can now choose when to transition from the “Eliminated By” screen to the end-of-match XP screen.

To transition to the end-of-match XP screen, press “Continue” on the “Eliminated By” screen.


  • Resolved an issue involving the Safe Zone setting on Xbox One returning to 1.00 upon each login.
  • Resolved an issue involving some trees and metal fences in Arena not granting the correct material increase.
  • The Magma Wrap now appears correctly on the Bandage Bazooka and Pistol.
  • Resolved an issue involving the Bandolette Outfit appearing to have two hairstyles merged together.
  • Resolved an issue involving some items from the Twin Turntables set appearing grainy and pixelated.
  • The Social menu Friends List on mobile devices no longer auto-scrolls to the top when players try to scroll down.
  • Resolved an issue involving players’ Quick Bar being inadvertently defaulted off on mobile devices.

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