Spark email
Spark har fått nytt design.

E-post-appen «alle» elsker har blitt helt ny

Den populære e-postklienten Spark har nå lansert en stor oppdatering til iOS og iPad OS.

Ikke får du bare en innboks med avatarer, tilpassede e-posthandlinger og støtte for flere vinduer på iPad – du får også et helt nytt design og nattmodus.

«I dag vil vi gjerne introdusere deg til den helt nye Spark – en moderne e-postopplevelse som er bygget fra bunnen av og opp for travle profesjonelle og team for å hjelpe dem med å få mer gjort gjennom e-post. Nye Spark inneholder et helt nytt design på iPhone og iPad, i tillegg til en vakker nattmodus for iOS og Android-enheter», skriver Spark i et blogginnlegg.

Her er alle nyhetene:

*** Slick New Design Spark now feels impressively smooth, effortless, yet super powerful to help you love your email again.

Enjoy the stylish Dark Mode We’ve carefully selected the colors to help you work better at night and save battery life. Select the Dark or a truly Black mode in Personalization settings > Color Scheme.

Inbox with Avatars Now it’s a lot easier to breeze through your emails with people’s photos or company logos next to the emails. Turn them on/off in Spark Settings > Personalization > Color Scheme.

Customize Email Actions Select which email actions are displayed at the bottom of an email to fit your personal Inbox workflow better and create the experience you love.

Multiple windows support on iPad Open two Spark windows side by side on your iPad. Why? You could open a long email on the left and compose a response on the right, without the need of going back and forth.

Sync of contacts on all your devices You can now label an email address as an important one on iPhone and it will be automatically defined as important on your Mac or iPad.

Beyond these major new features we’ve also included a handful of important bug fixes and enhancements:

– Fixed a rare but annoying issue with wrong email titles – Fixed a bug where some emails disappeared during the search – Fixed a problem with the incorrect name of video attachments – Fixed an issue with timestamp format – Fixed crash on watchOS 4 – Fixed incorrect email rendering for peculiar cases – Fixed the keyboard selection in the email lists – Improved email sync stability.

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