Haugevis med fete forbedringer i fersk Windows 10-testversjon: slik skal de forbedre batterilevetiden, tema-behandler og nattmodus-lys!

Microsoft har endelig lansert 15002 etter at en versjon de ikke ønsket å offisielt lansere lekket for noen dager siden.

Oppdatert, 22:30:

ISO-er lanseres mest sannsynlig neste uke. Dette ifølge Microsoft.

Mye nytt
Dette er den første nye versjonen i det nye året, og har følgende nyheter:


  • Mapper i startmenyen
  • Nytt dele-grensesnitt
  • OneNote sin skjermbilde-funksjon er bakt inn i Windows 10! Win-shift-s knipser delen av skjermen du vil lagre
  • Forbedret høy-DPI-støtte i desktop-apper
  • Mykere opplevelse når man endre vindus-størrelser
  • Ikoner skaleres korrekt
  • Enklere og kjappere VPN-behandling
  • Mer avansert innlogging for apper med støtte for flere typer Microsoft-kontoer (arbeid, skole)
  • Utviklerne har mer kontroll over varselplattformen
  • Cortana-forbedringer
  • Ink-forbedringer
  • Forbedret oppdateringsopplevelse – kan pause oppdateringer opp til 35 dager. Nytt ikon.
  • Green screen of death (kun testversjoner) i stedet for blue screen of death

Artikkelen fortsetter under gif-en:

Startmenyen støtter nå mapper.
Startmenyen støtter nå mapper. (Ill.: Microsoft)

Spennende ny funksjon
Noe av det mest spennende, er at i denne testversjonen så vil Microsoft teste, for en knippe utvalgte testere (funksjonen lanseres i Creators Update), en ny strømsparingsfunksjon som legger programmer som ikke er i bruk i pausemodus.

Brukerne skal ikke merke noen endringer, bortsett fra bedre batterilevetid.

Det kommer mer om dette i midten av neste måned, og testere vil legge merke til en ny batterislider i batteriinnstillingene.

Tema-behandler! (Ill.: Microsoft)
Det er haugevis med forbedringer i 15002.
Det er haugevis med forbedringer i 15002. (Ill.: Microsoft)

Dette er rettet

  • The 3D Builder app has been moved to the “Windows Accessories” folder on Start.
  • We fixed an issue where the display brightness keys on some devices weren’t working as expected.
  • We fixed an issue where the display may stay black after resuming from sleep if a USB display is connected.
  • We fixed an issue where opening an app that uses the camera, such as the Camera app, would sometimes result in a bugcheck.
  • We fixed a crash in the RPCSS service which in turn was resulting in some Insiders experiencing CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED bugchecks on recent builds.
  • We fixed an issue for touch keyboards sometimes requiring multiple clicks to invoke on non-touch PCs.
  • We fixed an issue where Disk Cleanup would sometimes unexpectedly show 3.99TB worth of Windows Update Cleanup files.
  • We’ve updated our logic so if the Microsoft Edge window is narrow and Cortana has a tip, Cortana will only appear as an icon in the address bar. If you expand the window, you’ll see the full suggestion as before.
  • We’ve updated tooltips for the Microsoft Edge favorites bar to wrap around for longer website names rather than truncate.
  • We fixed an issue where Touchpad settings page via Settings > Devices > Touchpad wasn’t displaying an icon next to its name in the navigation pane.
  • We fixed an issue that may have resulted in a recent drop in Action Center reliability for Insiders.
  • We’ve updated the Speaker Properties dialog to now allow you to configure Spatial Audio for different endpoints. If the current playback device has Spatial Audio enabled, the volume icon in the notification area will now indicate this.
  • We’ve made some tweaks to the backend for how users connect to devices, such as Miracast displays and other PCs. Use the Connect UI (WIN+K) as you normally would, and file feedback if you encounter any issues.
  • We’ve removed the rerouting of mspaint.exe to Paint 3D – appreciate everyone who’s shared feedback on the Paint 3D experience, please keep it coming.
  • We fixed an issue Insiders may have experienced on recent builds where navigating to OneDrive folders could unexpectedly result in popup saying there had been a “Catastrophic Error”.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in a Visual Studio crash when trying to open, add, or save a file.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some Insiders using PCs with certain older chipsets from seeing colored boxes in the place of text and various other UI in UWPs apps.
  • When you use Miracast to a device that supports input (for example, an Actiontec Screenbeam or Miracast-enabled Windows 10 PC), you will now see a toast notification to help you enable input (touch, keyboard, etc) on that device.
  • We fixed an issue where the Home and End keys were unexpectedly not working in certain Settings pages, for example “Apps & features”.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some progress indicators in UWP apps to appear to wobble or glitch.

Feil og problemer

  • Opening Battery settings page via Settings > System > Battery will crash the Settings app.
  • The option to enable the Virtual Touchpad is missing from the taskbar context menu.
  • Cortana’s cross-device scenarios won’t work on this build (including notification mirroring, missed call, share photos, share directions, low battery, and find my phone).
  • Some websites in Microsoft Edge may unexpectedly show “We can’t reach this page”. If you encounter this, please try accessing the site from an InPrivate tab.
  • Dragging apps from the all apps list to pin on Start’s tile grid won’t work. For now, please right-click on the desired app in order to pin it.
  • Using CTRL + C to copy in Command Prompt won’t work.
  • When projecting to a secondary monitor, if you set the connection to “Extended”, Explorer.exe may start crashing in a loop. If this happens, turn off your PC, disconnect the secondary monitor, then restart your PC.
  • The touch keyboard button may be unexpectedly missing from the taskbar. If this happens, open the taskbar context menu, and select “Show touch keyboard button”.
  • You may see an error from Windows Hello saying “Couldn’t turn on the camera” on the lock screen.
  • Brightness changes made via Settings > System > Display will unexpectedly revert after closing the Settings app. For now, please use either Action Center, power flyout or brightness keys to change the brightness
  • The list of apps in the Surface Dial “Add an app” page via Settings > Devices > Wheel may unexpectedly be empty. If that happens, tap the “Browse for an app” button at the bottom of the screen to pick the desired app instead.
  • Miracast sessions will fail to connect.
  • The Netflix app may display a black screen rather than the expected video content. As a workaround, you can use Microsoft Edge to watch video content from Netflix.
  • On certain hardware types (e.g.: Acer Aspire), the Netflix app crashes when starting a movie.
  • 3rd party UWP apps would crash on devices if the DPI settings on the machine are >=150% (Generally people do this on high resolution devices – Surface book etc.)
  • If you upgrade from Windows 8.1 directly to Build 15002, all your store apps are lost during upgrade process but you can go and re-download all the lost apps from the Store.
  • When using Microsoft Edge with Narrator, you may hear “no item in view” or silence while tabbing or using other navigation commands. You can use Alt + Tab when this happens to move focus away from and back to the Edge browser. Narrator will then read as expected.
  • Saying “Hey Cortana, play on ” doesn’t work immediately after installing the app. Wait 5 minutes for indexing to begin and try again.